There is no doubt the importance of bags for city trips.

But it’s not easy to choose a commuter bag that looks good, isn’t stuffy and sweaty, and is tough and resilient!

There is no doubt about the importance of bags for city trips.

Square black computer bags on buses and subways will not only absorb heat when going out in the summer, but also turn people into walking “contraceptives”!

How is the best way to bag city travel?

Of course, Amway backpacks cannot be chosen arbitrarily, and must adhere to some necessary standards.

Size: Can accommodate 13 ~ 15 inch computers, and can seamlessly switch between corporate, home and business travel.
Comfortable: The back panel and shoulder strap should be breathable and supportive, but also not weight-bearing.
Pockets: You don’t have to open the main compartment to get to the utensils, and you can quickly get a water glass and an umbrella.
Face value: Apart from showing taste, high face value can also quickly lock you in the backpack.
Computer compartment: Babies who eat must be protected! There is a compartment to prevent falls and scratches.

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